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BALAK’s Meja Neo

From $560.00

BALAK’s Meja Neo


From $560.00


Equipped with a hand crank system for height adjustments, Meja Neo requires no power source for maximum portability. If you’re crazy enough to set up a workspace in the middle of a forest or on a cliff overlooking roaring waves, the desk would also be crazy enough to be there with you.


  • 100% solid wood sourced in Asia
  • No power source required
  • 34mm tabletop thickness
  • Height-adjustable from 75 to 115cm
  • Hand crank system
  • 100kg load capacity
  • Pre-drilled for easier installation

Warranty & Return

All Mejas are entitled to a two-year warranty on the tabletop, mold steel frame and electrical components. A one-year extension is available at 10% of the product price.
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Solid wood is coveted for its organic texture and strength. It introduces a touch of warmth to any room it resides in. It’s also imperfect, like us. It has character, it’s inimitable, it wears its imperfections like battle scars – a medal of commendation for having survived harsh conditions (only to be cut down and kept within four walls).

We fill in the holes and cracks that may negatively impact the structural integrity, user experience and durability of the desk. But we don’t overdo it. This allows for minimum waste and promotes appreciation of imperfection – without compromising on form and function.

Let them thrive under your care as they are meant to. Wood expands and contracts as a natural response to changing temperatures, which could result in cracking and uneven bumps on the surface. As such, we recommend placing the furniture away from heat or direct sunlight.

Exposure to moisture also negatively affects the longevity and quality of the wood. So areas with regulated humidity are highly recommended as well. Outdoor use of the furniture is not advisable for the same reason.


1. When can I expect my Meja to be shipped?
In 5-14 business days.

2. What kind of wood is used to make a Meja tabletop?
We use rubberwood, sepetir and meranti depending on availability. All are widely used in furniture making and equally beautiful.

3. How do I take care of my tabletop?
Meja tabletops are protected by 5 layers of finishing to prevent warping, among other damages. Though they’re generally heat and waterproof, it is advisable to buffer hot objects with a coaster and wipe any liquids off the surface as soon as possible to prevent heat or water stains from forming.

4. Can I customize the dimensions of my Meja Neo?
Customization is not available

5. What’s the difference between a Meja and Meja Neo?

  • Meja motorised version supported by dual-motor system
  • Neo hand-crank version and require no power source. More portable.

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