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Wayar-less Cable Management

From $185.00

From $185.00

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Wayar-less Cable Management

From $185.00

Wayar-less Cable Management


From $185.00


A neat desk can positively impact one’s productivity. It can also minimize risks of injuries, electrical shocks and even fires caused by messy cables.

After 2 months of prototyping, designing and fine-tuning work, we’re proud to present the perfect cable management accessory. Wayarless features the revolutionary architectural steel fabrication expertise of Stacos Stainless Steel. No more tangled messes and unsightly clutters. Life is already messy as it is. Your desk doesn’t have to be.


  • Compatible with any table
  • Adjustable locking system to cater to different tabletop thickness
  • Designed & made in Malaysia


47 2/8” x 8 4/8 ” x 3 6/8” OR 1200 x 216 x 96mm

Warranty & Return

Wayarless is entitled to a 14-day defect warranty. Learn more.

For returns, refer here.


1. When can I expect my Wayarless to be shipped?
If ordered individually, your Wayarless / castors / T-shirt / Zensation will be shipped in 3 to 7 business days. If bought with a Meja, you can expect the shipment in 5 to 14 business days.

Complete your setup

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Productivity-based organization

Reduce clutter for improved focus and workspace aesthetic

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Sleek mold steel finishing

Understated, mysterious and timeless

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Stainless steel finishing

Blends in with any space, modern and polished


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