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Us From the Foot of The Mountain, From Penang

Why us at the foot of the mountain?

We at Balak’s love supporting and cheering on entrepreneurship, because it’s not about the business, it’s about the spirit.
Entrepreneurship is a balance between knowledge, hard work, creativity and a little luck. Sometimes, you need opportunity to make something happen – and you also need to be ready when opportunity comes.

Our world is coming, open your eyes and stay alive.
To see the world, things dangerous to come to,
To see behind walls, draw closers,
To find each other and to feel.

– Balak’s

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Who We Are?


Us at the foot of the mountain.
There’s a fire in all of us;
those who walk by only see smoke.
It’s really tough deciding between 
chasing dreams and surviving.
But only children make choices, we’re doing both.

Meet Our Friends

The story begins with a coffee table. It’s where we mused, talked, and created. We were fearless but not flightless. We swam against the current, unburdened by sadness. We refused to give in to fate; we thought only of faraway lands, greener pastures, unknown destinations.

seishinryoku friends lucas eng

Lucas Eng

Founder of BALAK's

❝ No hurdle too high to cross; no darkness too dense for dawn. 关关难过关关过 夜夜难熬夜夜熬 ❞

seishinryoku friends chang


Marketing Director of BALAK's

❝ When you work your hardest, the worst thing that could happen is that you bloom a little later. 你努力最坏的结果只是晚成大气 ❞

seishinryoku friends zi en

Zi En

Founder of Stacos

❝ Sail sweeping wind; ride boundless waves. 远程长风,破万里浪 ❞

seishinryoku friends wan xin

Wan Xin

Founder of somedayflower

❝ To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance. 爱自己是终身浪漫的开始 ❞

seishinryoku friends wen kai

Wen Kai

Co-Founder of Clef Skincare

❝ Create value obsessively. Long term returns always trump short term gains. 疯狂的创造价值,长远的回报肯定超过短期收益 ❞

seishinryoku friends choon hou

Choon Hou

Founder of Galaxy Cat

❝ Hustle at a pace that works for you. ❞

seishinryoku friends xun jie

Xun Jie

Founder of XIJ

❝ Practice makes perfect. ❞

Edmond Kong

Founder of Meta Office
Co-Founder of kin coffee bar

❝ Take good care of yourself. Your health, time and dreams. 记得要照顾好自己。健康,时间,梦想 ❞


Balak’s merch 👀

After a tough year, we wanna do something just for fun. Even more so, we wanna shout out to the people who are still going strong; still standing by their passion and working tirelessly towards their goals.

This isn’t our story, it’s yours. Are you ready?

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