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BALAK’s Meja Mini



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BALAK's Meja Mini

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BALAK's Meja Mini




Take your first step towards a complete ergonomic office transformation with the Meja Mini, a desk shelf that elevates computer screens to promote healthy neck postures.

A unique combination of stainless steel and solid wood, the Meja Mini boasts a soothingly organic look with a sleek finish, blending in effortlessly with most modern desk configurations. With sturdy components designed to last a lifetime, the raised platform helps create more space for storage of office supplies, while the cable hole allows for better organization.​


  • 100% solid wood surface
  • Stainless steel frame
  • 30kg load capacity
  • Added 12cm storage space

Warranty & Return

Meja Mini is entitled to a 14-day defect warranty. Learn more.

For returns, refer here.


1. When can I expect my Meja Mini to be shipped?
If ordered individually, your Meja Mini will be shipped in 3 to 7 business days. If bought with a Meja, you can expect the shipment in in 5 to 14 business days

2. What’s the difference between the Normal Edition and Nature Edition?
While the Normal Edition features a flat and polished edge, the Nature Edition is characterized by a natural edge, where organic wood grain and knots are preserved.

3. What are my installment options?
For non-credit cardholders, consider Atome’s 3-month installment plan from as low as RM867 for a Meja purchase. For Public Bank credit cardholders, enjoy flexible payment of up to 36 months from as low as RM72.20. Both options are completely interest-free. Yay.

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Two versions available

Choose between the polished Normal edition or untouched Nature edition

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Excellent craftsmanship

Built upon the revolutionary architectural steel fabrication expertise of Stacos Stainless Steel

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Built to last

Meticulously crafted, thoughtfully designed and highly durable