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BALAK’s Entray


BALAK’s Entray




Ushering in a new era at BALAK’s.

Entray is a simple, elegant solution to keeping track of everyday items that get lost in the everyday clutter. The name is a play on entrée: it’s an opening act to our next course, as we double down on pursuing the perfect balance between Form and Function.

Great for: stationery, loose pieces of paper, drifting bits of thoughts that could blossom into big ideas.


100% solid wood surface
Stainless steel frame
229mm X 177mm X 45mm (Length x Width x Height)

Warranty & Return

Entray is entitled to a 14-day defect warranty. Learn more.

For returns, refer here.


1. When can I expect my Entray to be shipped?
If ordered individually, your Entray will be shipped in 3 to 7 business days. If bought with a Meja, you can expect the shipment in in 5 to 14 business days

3. What are my installment options?
For non-credit cardholders, consider installment plan from as low as RM26.67.

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