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What People Think...

1. Once upon a time, Lucas was on an adventure in Balak’s Land.

2. Suddenly, he saw the Balak’s Tabletop Tree!

3. He harvested the tabletop from the Balak’s Tree and brought it back home.

4. It was the perfect tabletop!

What Really is...

1. The moment the timber logs leave the forest, they come under our utmost care.

2. We perform careful selection and stringent quality checks every step of the way, from cutting to pressure treatment.

3. We dry each piece in a kiln (a very hot room) for at least 21 days to extract moisture and enhance durability.

4. We then process it into a tabletop.

5. You buy it.

6. We ship it.

Natural Flaws with Natural Beauty

In conclusion, what we’re trying to say is that nature has its own flaws and patterns that make it unique, just like us humans, and Balak’s. We are not striving to be flawless; flaws are what makes us beautiful.

The wood that we use can have minor dents, uneven colour tones or is at times not perfectly aligned. We make conscious decisions to preserve these quirks to portray the beauty of nature.

We’d like to thank everyone who continues to support Balak’s.

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