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BALAK’s Meja Mini: An Elegant Solution For Extra Desk Space

The MejaMini is a mini tabletop shelf made of quality solid wood that can be used as a monitor stand, laptop stand or for extra desk space. 

The Meja Mini gives your desk a clean look.

How you can use a Meja Mini:

As a monitor stand

Place your monitor or laptop on the Meja Mini to elevate its height. This makes your desk set up more ergonomic, aligning the screen to your eyes when you sit at your office table. You’ll be able to save yourself from future back or neck pain just from tweaking this small detail!

For storage purposes

Store your keyboard, stationery, or notebooks underneath when not in use to clear up the immediate area before you. Items can also be placed on top of the Meja Mini, effectively allowing more space for you to work. 

Attention to Detail: There is a notch present at the back of the Meja Mini for your cables.

Meja Mini Original Vs Nature Edition

BALAK’s offers two versions of the Meja Mini for people who have an eye for detail and want something to match the exact aesthetic of their workspace. 

BALAK’s offers two Meja Mini variants: the Original and Nature Edition

Here, the Meja Mini Original has a sleek, polished finish. Our expert craftsmen sand down the edges for professionally completed woodwork. On the other hand, go natural with the Meja Mini Nature Edition. We leave the timber’s natural edges without sanding them down for a more rustic aesthetic.

We emphasise stellar craftsmanship, marrying Stacos’ state-of-the-art architectural steel fabrication with BALAK’s expert wood manufacturing to bring you a durable product. Because that’s all we want, right? Just a stand that’s sturdy, lasts long, and looks good!

Product specifications:
Dimensions: 28” x 9” x 5” (L x W x H)
Load bearing: Up to 10kg
Material: Architectural Steel & Wood

The Meja Mini is the perfect size for most typical office desk setups. 

A Little About BALAK’s

A proud homegrown brand from Penang, BALAK’s focuses on manufacturing quality ergonomic standing desks & timber/solid wood desks. During our 35 years of experience in the industry, we have strived to attain the delicate balance between traditional craftsmanship, technological innovation, and accessible pricing, honouring raw materials as gifts of nature. Here, we use our knowledge of traditional craftsmanship with a modern twist to promote comfort and convenience.
The Meja Mini can be paired with other ergonomic height-adjustable desks from BALAK’s, which can be found here. Improve your working-from-home ergonomics with BALAK’s today!